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If you know what it is?  You can make it better!  And those that have a better one get more out of life, so what am I talking about?  ATTITUDE

 But what actually is an ATTITUDE?  It’s simply a point of view, our thoughts about any situation!

An ATTITUDE is made up of three components:

  1. What you THINK
  2. What you FEEL
  3. What you DO

change your attitude

No matter what situation you currently find yourself in you always have certain thoughts about it. You also have an emotional response to it, and you behave in a certain way because of it.

Our Attitude determines our Altitude!

Think about this! If you were sitting in a Jumbo jet somewhere over Europe and an engine falls off! How would you want the Pilot to react?

A) The pilot saying “stay calm and buckle up? This will be bumpy but we’ll find a way home?

B) The pilot running up and down the aisle yelling “we’ll all be killed! We’re all going to die?

Which fellow is more likely to get you down safely?

Now let’s think about your everyday life in which you are your own Pilot. Which approach is more likely to solve your problems: “we’ll find a way” or “we’re all going to be killed”. This is the essence of POSITIVE THINKING. It doesn’t offer guarantees, but it gives you your best chance!

PS, the problem is: people with a bad attitude don’t realize they have one!

 So a simple test is; generally are you happy most of the time, optimistic, you see more opportunity than difficulty, you smile a lot, you don’t gossip, and you like to help people as much as you can. If not the great news is life can get so much better for you?

Question; what’s the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity?

Answer; YOU!

Some people say “it may be possible but it’s difficult” and others say” it may be difficult but it’s possible”! It’s only a small shift and that small shift is your ATTITUDE!

Here’s an interesting fact; If you look at the word ATTITUDE and you give each letter a number according to its position in the alphabet i.e., A = 1,  T = 20 etc.. When you add up all the numbers it adds up to 100! And we all know that the best possible result we could ever hope for is;  100% success in whatever our endeavor!  Spooky eh…


Understanding about ATTITUDE is only part of the solution, learning and being able to develop your ATTITUDE is the real KEY to making progress in life!  I cover this and much more in my Book – ONE LIFE ONE SHOT! Why not check it out and get hold of my FREE CHAPTER by clicking HERE..

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