• "ONE LIFE ONE SHOT deserves to sit alongside the great personal development books
      there are in the world."

      Richard McCann
      Times No 1 Best selling Author

    • "Pete Rea is probably the most passionate man in Britain. This book is packed with practical ideas to help you wherever you are in life. Pete’s honesty and lust for life drips from every page – make sure you read it and pass it on to others."

      Paul McGee

      The SUMO Guy. Best-selling author and international speaker

    • This is a genuinely superb book written from the heart; don’t miss a single word, its life changing. My wife and I have already started to change our lives simply by following the teachings which Pete shares in this book. He is a brilliant beacon of light for us, and for many others, don't just settle, this book will give you that missing piece of information that provides the bridge between where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there!

      Ian & Aga Clarke

    • ~ BUY the book NOW – Everything to gain Nothing to lose! ~
      A Percentage of all profits go to Cancer Research

    • "Pete is a huge inspirational character and has more energy than anyone I have ever known. You can spend 10 minutes with him and feel like you can achieve anything, coupled with his wise words, what a combination! Soak it all up and let it light up the way for your journey, as Pete says; ONE LIFE ONE SHOT” make the most of it, now you can!"

      Michael Nesbitt - Managing Director - Nesbitt Media Ltd

    • "Having heard Pete speak at big events, I knew this book would be highly inspirational and I certainly haven't been disappointed. He has combined practical easy to follow tips with a range of personal stories. His 'down to earth' style makes this book very easy to read and its messages will appeal to anyone who genuinely wants to make the changes required to improve their life."

      Debra Pusey

    • "Truly an Inspirational Book - a must read if you want to get more out of life. Pete's guidance – philosophy- enthusiasm and dogged determination to succeed have been an inspiration to us, our business, and our family. We can’t thank you enough, you’re dad would have been so proud of you."

      Ram & Sylvia Laing - C’mon the flippen team

    • ~ BUY the book NOW – Everything to gain Nothing to lose! ~
    • "This book is filled with information that will completely change your life, and it’s written in a way that’s totally captivating! Having known Pete for over 16 years I know the passion and love he has for being able to help people so this book is a must read. I’ve watched a man whose life had collapsed around him go on to become one of the most inspiring and successful people that I personally know, don’t miss this wisdom."

      Gary Watson.

    • "We have seen Peter start right at the bottom and become
      a great leader of a massive team, people love to hear him speak
      and now you can read his mega tips too"

      Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes

    • "My friendship and association with Pete has had a major impact on my life, Whenever you're around Pete he radiates a feel-good factor, and he naturally inspires people to believe in better, what’s incredible is that this is reflected throughout his book, I absolutely loved it."

      Dale Robson

      Senior Manager - Local Government

    • ~ BUY the book NOW – Everything to gain Nothing to lose! ~
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